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ACCOUNTING CONSULTANTS COMMITTEE Debra Mello, Chairman Woodland Lodge No. 1299

Rick Bruce, Vice Chairman Huntington Beach Lodge No. 1959

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AMERICANISM COMMITTEE Robert Schrum, Chairman Lompoc Lodge No. 2274

The AMERICANISM Committee shall formulate ways and means by which the State Association, its Lodges and members, can most effectively preserve patriotic feeling toward the government of the United States of America, and to supervise and promote programs in furtherance of said objective.

The goal of the Americanism Committee of the California-Hawaii Elks is to increase patriotism in our Lodges, homes, schools, communities and nation. As members of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, it is our sacred duty to see that our glorious Flag ever flies; that proper tribute is paid to our Military and that the spirit of Freedom never dies.

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BEQUESTS AND LIVING TRUSTS COMMITTEE Robyn Sembenini, Chairman San Rafael Lodge No. 1108

Robert Farrens, Vice Chairman Temecula Valley Lodge No. 2801

The creation of the Bequests and Living Trusts (BLT) Committee in 1984 set the stage for ensuring the financial future of the Major Project. Amounts under $500 go directly to help underwrite Major Project expenses for the year in which they are given. The establishment of the Bequests and Living Trusts Legacy Fund in 1991 designated gifts of $500 or more to be placed in a special account.

BLT gives all Elks an opportunity to participate in the Major Project through a living trust fund. There are also other options available through the BLT Committee.

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BLUE COAT COMMITTEE Frank Farquharson, Chairman Canoga Park Lodge No. 2190

The Blue Coat Committee shall work with the vendors and Exalted Rulers in purchasing and ordering their Blue Coats to be worn at functions and events such as the Annual CHEA Convention, Grand Lodge Convention, Mid-Term Conference and other Elk functions.  

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BUSINESS PRACTICES Marty Mello, Chairman Woodland No. 1299

Nancy Kulinski, Vice Chairman El Cajon Lodge No. 1812

The BUSINESS PRACTICES Committee shall formulate ways and means to assist the Lodges of the Association to maintain sound financial operations. It will disseminate information and provide supervisory coordination to ensure fiscal responsibility and financial stability.

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CLMS COMMITTEE (CHICAGO LODGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) Raelene Pritchard, Chairman Modesto Lodge No. 1282

The CLMS Committee shall provide training and support in the use of the CLMS program. It shall disseminate all information received from Grand Lodge concerning the CLMS program.


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  1. Need to submit my qrtly report, I don’t know who to send it to or what the precedure is. We are having a void in our office now…but I hope I can get good advice from district.

  2. I saw that you do scholarships for people that have disabilities. I was cooking for my mom and family visiting from the east coast 7 years ago for thanksgiving and my mom had a new knife set, well needless to say I ended up slicing my right pinky and ring finger almost completely off. I have had 15 surgeries and can not bend or straighten my fingers. I have had two bone grafts from my wrist, attempted to take a tendon out of my arm and make a path with silicon as a tunnel to insert the tendon, but I am allergic to silicone, without knowing, and had a severe infection which caused me to have a pick line put in that was connected to my heart, a skin graft from the side of my hand to fill in the loss of skin from the infection, my ring finger is fused at the joint, my pinky broke twice because loss of motion, I have had two screws put in which will permanently be in place forever and the other surgeries were to try and save what I have left of half of my hand. The muscles in my palm had to be stitched back together as well. I am right handed just to top it all off. I am in continuous pain with it, but there is nothing my surgeon can do to fix them. Recently I have lost blood circulation in my two fingers and the blood supply will cut off momentarily until I elevate it. It is very difficult for me to type and write and I have developed arthritis and carpool-tunnel syndrome. I just turned 27 in November and worry what will be of my hand when I am older. I am going to Independence University in February for Respiratory Therapist despite the difficulty with typing and writing. I have never applied for any assistance and don’t even know if this is what I am supposed to be doing, but if I can get my story out and any help so I can further my education I would be forever grateful! I notice you do a lot for the community and it is something I would love to help out with! I used to dance ballet professionally and my dreams of that can no longer happen due to the loss of mobility and function in my hand. I had to quit my job as a server because of the pain and liability to the restaurant if i were to reinjure myself. I just want to put this negative situation into a positive light and I wont give up on my education and dreams but I just need a little help in taking that first leap of faith. Thank you for taking the time to read my story even if I don’t get the Scholarship. What you do for the community is amazing, and I wish more people would do the things you folks do! Don’t ever lose faith in humanity and hold on tight to your dreams! Best of luck and hope to hear from you soon!

    Brielle Scherr

  3. I do not see any committee listed as “District President’s Achievement / All American committee. Is this a brand new committee? Where can I find information on the President’s Achievement award, and the forms needed to complete?
    Bruce Carmitchel, Chairman District President’s Achievement / All American Chairman for 2014-2015. Santa Maria Elks Lodge #1538, Santa Maria, CA

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