Elks in Scouting
Miles Nakatsu, Chairman

With a strong emphasis placed on our Scouting program as part of the Youth Activities Elks believe that Scouting serves to provide guidance for today’s youth in leadership as well as self-confidence, communication and community awareness.

The united efforts have been successful in illustrating Elks concern for youth as a Lodge often provides leadership, a meeting place, and program supervision for one or more Scout units. Individual Elks often serve as administrative leaders in local Boy Scout councils and districts. Additionally, Elks with a wide range of business and professional skills and talents have aided in enlarging and enriching local Scouting programs.

The CHEA Scouting Committee works with national, state and local officials, to promote the work of the Boy and Girl Scouts of America.

Do you have a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venture Scout, Sea Scout or Girl Scout that has earned their highest award?  Please download the appropriate certificate from your CHEA President to show the support from the California-Hawaii Elks Association for their tremendous accomplishment.