Requirements to Host a Convention

San Diego
Convention 2021 – May 5-8, 2021

*  *  *  *    NOTICE OF CANCELLATION    *  *  *  *

My fellow members,

            After many discussions and weighing various options, and after consulting with our Past Association Presidents on the issue, the difficult decision has been made to cancel the 2021 CHEA Convention which was to be held on May 5-8 in San Diego. Health concerns and gathering restrictions again drove the decision. We recognize and express our deep appreciation to convention chair Glenn Montague and his team for doing everything possible to prepare for this event.

            Instead, there will be a much truncated group of meetings held in Fresno, with only the essential leadership teams for the most part being personally present. Thanks to the ongoing efforts by outgoing CHEA President Tim Jaeger and First Vice-President Jay Larkins, arrangements are being finalized to make the meetings available to any members by way of a virtual meeting platform (not Zoom), which will involve a pre-registration procedure but at the same time will allow any interested member to be able to witness the meetings being conducted. All members of the California-Hawaii Elks Association are encouraged to register and be a part, as this will be a unique opportunity to gain important information relating to our Association.

            There will be a limited number of traditional events staged in various ways as distancing and gathering restrictions may allow, whether virtual or in person, including a Memorial Service and business meetings, and, yes, there will be an installation ceremony to inaugurate our incoming CHEA President Jay Larkins, together with the new CHEA Officers and Vice-Presidents.

            Developments and updated information will be available on the CHEA website (, as well as through district leadership teams as things progress.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Louis J. “Jim” Grillo                                                                                                                                        Robert L. Duitsman
Past Grand Exalted Ruler                                                                                                                         Past Grand Exalted Ruler

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    • Meet other Elks at other lodges – Make new friends
    • Get ideas that work for other lodges that just might work for you
    • Renew your spirit at the Exalted Rulers March – meet the 2020 CHEMPI Theme Child
    • Enjoy the Hospitality Suites of other lodges

Convention 2022

Fran Musetti, Convention Chairman
(408) 209-3173

May 18-21, 2022

Palm Springs
Convention 2023

Barbara G. Knox
bknox@dc.rr.comBarbara G. Knox

May 16-19, 2023

Convention 2024

Fran Musetti, Convention Chairman
(408) 209-3173

May 15-18, 2024

Convention 2025

May 14-17, 2025