The CHEMPI Elks Preschool Vision Screening Program was created in 1965 to screen preschool children 2½ to 5 years of age for vision deficiencies. It is the goal of the program to significantly decrease the number of children at risk for amblyopia (“lazy eye”) and other vision problems such as astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia by checking their eyes early on.

This program has been highly successful in helping kids that, if these problems are not been caught early on, can cause permanent eye damage over the years.

CHEMPI Professional Staff now sponsors:

  • Ten certified pediatric vision screeners throughout California
  • Screenings of over 50,000 children each year
  • Referral to a doctor of over 4% of children screened

Conducted by certified preschool vision screening professional staff, the vision screener:

  • Assesses visual acuity and external eye health
  • Evaluates the ability of the two eyes to work together
  • Observes and evaluates the ability of the eye muscles to follow, fixate and maintain ocular vision

It is with thanks to this highly effective program that thousands of children’s’ vision has been saved.

Gina Murphy

Did you know that California-Hawaii Elks offer Vision Care and in many qualified cases limited funds are available to help your child see?

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For more information on a preschool vision screener in your area, contact:  Megan Macleod