1. How do I contact you?

Visit our Contact Us page for our complete contact information.

2. I would like to place an order for Lodge supplies, can I do that online?

E-mail your request to us or download our Lodge Order form here and mail, email or fax it in.

3. I would like to order basketballs/soccer balls for my Lodge. Where can I find the form?

Download the form here and mail or fax it directly to the vendor.

4. How can I get information on the Scholarship Programs you offer?

Visit our Scholarships page for detailed information.

5. How do I find/contact my local Elks Lodge?

Visit our Lodges page to view an alphabetical list of Lodges.

6. What is the Major Project?

The Major Project is entirely financed by the Elks of California and Hawaii. The Elks offer therapy services and Preschool Vision Screening. Recipients of these services are never charged, regardless of their ability to pay. Please visit our Therapy Services page or our Vision Screening page for further information.

7. I am interested in obtaining services for my child. How do I go about doing that?

Please contact Patricia DiMercurio, Director of Professional Services, CHEMPI.

8. I have noticed that some of your links are not working, what can I do?

Contact our webmaster.

9. How can I get my mailing address changed?

Contact your Lodge or Grand Lodge. We do not keep a database of members. We receive all of our mailing information from Grand Lodge who receives its information from the individual Elks Lodges.