District Leaders

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The following is a list of the District Leaders serving the California-Hawaii Elks Association:

Bay  Robert “Bob” Cassetta
   Richard Gay
Central  Fred L. Bianchini
   Bradford “Brad” Smith
East Central  Thom Richardson
   Jack B. Geiger
Hawaii  Wayne Howard
   Ronald T. Mizuno
Inland  Dominic Rotell
   Vicki  Zellner
Metropolitan  Floyd “Skip” Henke
   Greg Peale
North  Frank Gutierrez
   Jan Keller
North Central  Marty Mello
   Melvin R. Keeter
Northeast  Stephen Haydn
   David Provan
Northwest  David Fenzl
   Tim Jaeger
Orange Coast  Art Echternacht
   Thomas E. Lemm
San Gabriel Valley  Robert Hollis-Brau
   Aron P. Andersen
South  Jimmy D. Lowe
   Barbara G. Knox
South Central  Scott Ludwick
  Larry Nelson
South Central Coast  Donald Checchi
   C. Michael Melton
South Coast Glenn W. Montague
   William “Bill” Vance
Southeast  Robert Cones
West Central  Randal E. McClellan
   Jimmy Hancock
West Central Coast  Tony Markarian
   Greg Metzgus