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“The California-Hawaii Elk” periodical is published by the
California-Hawaii Elks Association.


NOTICE:  If your household receives more than one magazine and you would like to receive only one magazine, please notify the CHEA Office at chea@chea-elks.org, 559-255-4531 or fax to 559-456-2659.


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Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Policy:

Articles should be positive in nature. They should be demonstrative of a lodge’s promotion of and active participation in the programs and committee work of the California-Hawaii Elks Association and Grand Lodge.

Not all articles will be considered for publication. Some are more suitable for publication in a local lodge’s newsletter, bulletin or local paper (e.g. Lodge Officer installations, Elk/Officer/Citizen of the Year, VP/DDGER visitations, etc.) as many of these are activities are occurring in every Lodge each year across the Association and would not be of unique enough interest for the Association magazine.

Some articles relating to the Association President’s activities at Mid-Term Conference, Grand Lodge Convention and various District Visitations will be published as space permits, of course. However, with 19 District visitations and three events, it is not possible to get all of the President’s activities published in just five issues.

Articles are welcomed and encouraged from the CHEA office; the Association Officers, Trustees, Committee Chairs, and from those on Special Assignments.

Not all articles that are submitted will be published in the magazine. As editor, I am attempting to give all lodges in the Association an opportunity to have their articles published. Some lodges submit multiple articles for each issue, some districts send very few articles, so I am trying to allocate each issue’s precious magazine space as fairly as possible across all lodges that submit an article for an issue. A lodge that has never had an article published will be favored over a lodge that has had multiple articles published. Over time, each lodge should have ample opportunity to have several articles appear in the magazine. Submitted articles that are not published in a particular issue are not carried forward for consideration for the next issue.

I am attempting to balance the subject matter in each issue. If I receive multiple articles on the same subject (e.g. multiple dictionary program articles), I will not publish all of them, but I will select a subset as representative of that activity within the Association.


Articles should be written in Microsoft Office Word for Windows and be sent as an attachment to an email or be typed directly into the body of the email if you cannot create a Word for Windows document.”

Please do not list last names of minors in your articles or in photo captions.  It is the policy of the California-Hawaii Elks Association to not give out the last names of minors.

Please perform a grammar and spell check on your article prior to submission. The articles should be as brief as possible and directly to the point. All articles are subject to editing for content and space considerations.

All submissions become the property of the California-Hawaii Elks Association.

Please limit your articles to one topic—don’t send multiple topics in one email—send a separate email for each topic.

In the “Subject:” line of your email—indicate the topic covered in the email and photograph. DON’T just say “Press Release” or “Magazine Article”, etc. Help us help you get those submissions.


Digital photographs should be taken using camera settings that will result in the highest possible quality of photograph (e.g. most megapixels per photo). These should be saved as a “*.jpg” file and be attached to the email with your article. Please submit ONE photograph with each article. The photograph should be on the same topic as the article.

Photograph guidelines are similar to what is used for the national “Elks Magazine”. No alcohol in the picture, get close to your subject matter, limit the number of people in the photo, etc.

Provide a caption for the photograph: identify the people (and their titles, if appropriate) by name, in a left-to-right, row-by-row fashion.

Submission and Copy Deadlines:

• January/February issue: First day of December.
• March/April issue: First day of February.
• May/June issue: First day of April.
• July/August issue: First day of June.
• September/October issue: First day of August.
• NOTE: There is no November/December issue.

Hard copies of article text and/or printed photographs sent by postal mail are no longer accepted.

Send Your Email To:


As editor, I am automatically copied on emails that are sent to the above address. You do not need to send them to my personal email address.

Suggested Article Topics:

  • Veterans activities: e.g. at VA Hospitals, etc.
  • Scouting activities: Eagle Scout recognition, Girl Scout Gold awards, etc.
  • Purple Pig fund raising activities at your lodge or in the community.
  • Community Activities: Children’s ID programs, dictionary program, scholarship awards, blood drives, etc.
  • Public Safety Nights: Officer of the Year, Firefighter of the Year, etc.
  • Veteran’s recognition activities: Stand-Downs, Welcome Home celebrations, etc.
  • Major donations to CHEMPI or the ENF: e.g. BLT donor recognition, etc.
  • Youth Activities: Drug Awareness, Americanism, Hoop Shoot, Soccer Shoot, etc.
  • New Lodges, Lodge Centennial Celebrations, etc.
  • Other CHEA and Grand Lodge programs.


CHEA Magazine — 12 Comments

  1. This is the informaton I have been looking for. Ventura has not had little or any coverage for awhile. We’re going to remedy that
    Tghanks for the support and information.
    ConnieAmericanism Chairperson

  2. Timely ideas ! I was fascinated by the analysis ! Does anyone know if my assistant could acquire a sample CHEMPI Form 11 version to type on ?

      • Please unsubscribe me to the Chea Magazine.

        Sandra Radnovich
        219 Rainbow Drive #11995
        Livingston, TX 77399

        Chula Vista Elks Lodge No. 2011
        Member NO. 4725

    • This is to notify you that ROGER J CAMERON is no longer @
      45323 Park Sierra Dr
      Coarsegold, CA 93614-9109
      Number on address label 2724 001240
      Jean-Mail Room @ Park Sierra Dr

  3. THANKS for some excellent information. It’s a pleasure to work with each Editor as you roll along…. good job!! Please know that you ARE appreciated! Margie McCurry, Monterey Elks Lodge #1285

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