A logo for the california-hawaii elks legacy giving program.

BLT Legacy gifts provide invaluable funding to the California-Hawaii Elks Major Project, Inc. (“CHEMPI” also known as “the Major Project”).  These gifts ensure we can assist disabled children for years to come.

There are many ways to give and every gift is appreciated and well spent.  In fact, 92% of every dollar contributed directly benefits the children we help.  As with all donations made to CHEMPI, legacy gifts are tax deductible.

Here are just a few ways to help the children of the future:

  • Add the California-Hawaii Elks Major Project, Inc. as a beneficiary to any life insurance policy.
  • Include the California-Hawaii Elks Major Project, Inc. in your will or estate plan.
  • Create a Commitment Trust.  This gift requires a minimum contribution of $10,000 and provides benefits to the donor as well as the children we serve:
    • The initial gift is tax deductible for the donor.
    • In the first year after the gift is made, the donor receives $700 in income from the trust.
    • After the first year, the donor receives an annual payment of 7% based on the value of the trust.  Payments continue for the life of the donor and the donor’s spouse.

After both the donor and the  spouse pass, all monies remaining in the BLT Commitment Trust go to the Major Project.

If you are interested in creating a BLT Commitment Trust, contact us and we will help you get started.

Learn more about BLT Legacy Giving by exploring the links below or contact us for more information.

(Download the pdf Reader here if you don’t already have it.)