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Petaluma Elks Lodge #901 – A Hero’s Welcome with Special Dinner — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you, Pamela, for recognition on your website. Though it has been 9 months since the event, people attending the fine banquet you provided our speakers and the Symposium at the Veterans Hall continue to recall the experience of meeting them. Leon DeLisle’s commitment and inspiration to bring these speakers to the fore initiated and carried through the entire program. While it’s too late to give him credit in this article, I want to be sure to remind all that it was his idea, in the first place, and his unfaltering support of veterans that programs like this take place. Without him, we would not have had the ‘top flight fighter pilots’ to give their first hand accounts of aeronautical achievement, test and fighter pilot experience and valiant service in combat. Please contact me if your Lodge would be interested in following this program with another, next year. And, Thank You Petaluma Elks for your generous support. Truly, you made the Symposium into a ‘Home Town Celebration’ that was fully appreciated by our guests. Sincerely,
    Stewart Munson – Chaplain – Elks #1108

  2. We are planning to have dinner tomorrow night/Bingo night, there will be 3 adults eating dinner. Please call if you have any questions at 707-824-9467 Thank You

  3. I will be attending the initiation on the 13th of August an my wife will be for dinner. JERRY MARKS