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Yucca Valley Elks Lodge Honors Local Students — 6 Comments

  1. Dear E.R. Lieser,
    In August of 2014 Helen Ward presented herself as a member of your Elks Lodge #2314, and ordered her D.D.G.E.R. pins from C. Sanders Emblems. We received a 50% deposit on the order, and we were never paid for the balance. We have tried repeatedly to contact Ms. Ward and the Lodge to settle this matter and have been unsuccessful. We are a small family owned business and to stay in business, and pay our employees and vendors, we must be paid. We have been forced to send the balance owed, and the accrued finance charges to collections, for a current total of $838.37. We sincerely hope that as E.R., you can help us with this matter. Unpaid bills give the Elks Organization a bad reputation. Please reply with any information you may have regarding this matter and Helen Ward.
    Susanne Dennett
    Operations Manager, C. Sanders Emblems, L.P.

    • Thank you for contacting us. I have forwarded your email to Helen Ward and to our Executive Director Tim Martin. I hope this is resolved soon.

      Charisce Williams Executive Assistant

  2. Dear Charisce,
    Thank you for the response and the follow up with Ms. Ward. It is very much appreciated. We hope that the matter can be resolved as well.
    C. Sanders Emblems, L.P.

  3. I apologize for not responding. I just saw your email. Has this matter been taken care of by Mrs. Ward? If not, I will do my best to make sure it is handled.