CHEA MidTerm Agenda November 2017

Our work in the BPOE continues even as we’ve just returned from Grand Lodge Convention. We’re putting out the information for MidTerm Convention

The text is provided below – to download the PDF – click here for the Agenda Summary

NOVEMBER 3-4, 2017
(Revised 07/18/2017)


  • 8 am to 6 pm Registration DoubleTree, Sacramento Room
  • 6:30 p.m. Mexican Dinner Sacramento Lodge No. 6


  • 8 am to 6 pm Registration DoubleTree, Sacramento Room
  • 8:00 a.m. Association President’s meeting for VP, DD, PSP & DL DoubleTree, Capitol Salon A9:30 a.m. CHEMPI Board of Trustees DoubleTree, Garden/Terrace Room
  • 9:30 a.m. CHEMPI Board of Trustees DoubleTree, Garden/Terrace Room10:30 a.m. CHEA Board of Trustees DoubleTree, Garden/Terrace Room
  • 10:30 a.m. CHEA Board of Trustees DoubleTree, Garden/Terrace Room12:00noon Luncheon any attendees
  • 12:00noon Luncheon any attendees
  • 12:15 p.m. Current DDGER’s Luncheon meeting with Sponsors DoubleTree, Maxi’s1:30 p.m. Exalted Ruler’s Conference DoubleTree, Grand Ballroom
  • 1:30 p.m. Exalted Ruler’s Conference DoubleTree, Grand Ballroom
    (VP’s, Committee Chairmen, Loyal Knights, Lecturing Knights
    and Lodge Officers in attendance are to attend this session)1:30 p.m. Leading Knights Conference DoubleTree, Capitol Salon A
  • 1:30 p.m. Leading Knights Conference DoubleTree, Capitol Salon A1:30 p.m. Leading Knights & Officers Spouses Conference DoubleTree, Capitol Salon C
  • 1:30 p.m. Leading Knights & Officers Spouses Conference DoubleTree, Capitol Salon C4:30 p.m. First Seating-Cocktails 4:30 pm, 5:30 Dinner and Show Woodland Lodge No. 1299
  • 4:30 p.m. First Seating-Cocktails 4:30 pm, 5:30 Dinner and Show Woodland Lodge No. 1299
  • :30 p.m. Second Seating-Cocktails 6:30 pm, 7:30 Dinner and Show Woodland Lodge No. 1299


  • 8 am to 10 am Registration DoubleTree, Sacramento Room
  • 8:30 a.m. Lodge Officers and Committee Chairmen Seminar DoubleTree, Capitol Salon A/B
  • 8:30 a.m. Management Seminar DoubleTree, Grand Ballroom Leading Knights – Secretaries – Trustees (DD’s to attend this session)
  • 12:00noon Luncheon any attendees
  • 1:00 p.m. Accounting Consultants/CLMS2/Secretary Workshop DoubleTree, Capitol Salon A/B
  • 1:00 p.m. Insurance and Safety Committee Workshop
  • 1:00 p.m. Membership/Lapsation Workshop
  • 1:30 p.m. CHEA Advisory Meeting
  • 4:00 p.m. Elks National Foundation Mass DoubleTree, Garden/Terrace Room
  • 5:30 p.m. ENF Cocktails, No Host DoubleTree, Grand Ballroom Foyer
  • 6:30 p.m. Elks National Foundation Dinner DoubleTree, Grand Ballroom


  • 7:30 a.m. District Leaders Continental Breakfast DoubleTree, Garden/Terrace Room
  • 7:45 a.m. District Leaders Meeting DoubleTree, Garden/Terrace Room
  • 8 am to Noon Elks Sunday Breakfast Sacramento Lodge No. 6

Hashtags, Media and More! Oh My!

With our 2017 Grand Lodge Convention in Reno in full swing, we are excited as we move into the 150th Anniversary year under the leadership of our newly installed GER Malcolm McPherson. Members can access the daily newsletter here

We want to thank all of our attending members for using the hashtag #BPOEReno17 to assist others in sharing in their accomplishments and excitement! Hashtags can be used to search across a platform like Facebook or Twitter and see every public post that has that unique identifier. If your post is set to “friends…” it will be searchable with that privacy caveat and only able to be viewed by someone who has permission to access your information. 

With a few districts taking the Public Relations focus to heart we wanted to remind everyone where their District Facebook pages or groups are located (the ones we have received). For all of our members, take a moment and support each other when you like or join their respective pages. If you have a closed page or group, consider a public page that will promote your good works to the community at large so that they can see how you continue to serve them on a daily basis.

If your district has a closed page or group, consider adding a public page that will promote your good works to the community at large so that they can see how you continue to serve them on a daily basis.

Watch the GER Malcolm McPherson’s acceptance speech here…

Photo by Elks Social Media Graphics Artist, Diane E Gleason and Video by Grand Lodge Public Relations Chair, Richard Gathen

Kern River Valley Elks Lodge Honored by Salvation Army

The Salvation Army honored Kern River Valley Elks Lodge with a plaque for the money and hundreds of volunteer hours we put in one year ago during the devastating Erskine Creek Fire. Thanks to all who were here for three weeks!

One year ago Kern River Valley Lodge #2358 was fully entrenched in assisting victims of the largest wildland fire in Kern County, CA history.  Just under 300 homes were lost, with as many families affected.  Two lost their lives.  Over 48,000 acres were burned.  The following was my report to our District Leaders who were at Grand Lodge at the time.

July 10, 2016:  We, as Volunteers, have been at our Lodge every day for many hours a day, since June 24th.  One of the first phone calls I received was from PGER Tom Brazier on Saturday the 25th telling me to call him if he could help in any way.

We had one member who lost her home, Rita Wayne.  Fortunately, she and Mel are now at Mel’s home in Wofford Heights – she was fully insured.  We took care of her immediate needs on Sunday the 25th and then she Volunteered for several days.  She is an amazing woman.

We had several families who were without power for at least 4 days including the entire Sunderland Compound, Bud and Pat Poole, Patty and Mike Elliott, and others.  We immediately opened our RV Park for free to anyone who needed it – members and victims alike.

We all suffered for days with no communication abilities – cell phones, spotty internet, power, etc., but we were spending our time at the Lodge with a land line and air conditioners, so we were fine.  ER Jerry Oreskovich told us to do what needed to be done before he left for Grand Lodge and specifically told our kitchen staff to use their own judgment regarding feeding Volunteers and Victims.  Our amazing kitchen – run by Lauralee Dominicak and Theo Zook – together with Pat and Bud Poole were at the Lodge every day making sure we had nutritious meals and reminding us to stay hydrated.  We received many donations to our kitchen (cash and goods) so the Lodge was out very little money. 

The upside of this terrible fire is that, within our Lodge, hearts were healed and friendships were renewed. 

We partnered immediately with the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army. We became the major collection/distribution point on the North side of the Lake.  Our Lodge Room, Pool Room and 30,000 sq ft Park were filled to capacity with “stuff.”

We nurtured, counseled and clothed over 1,200 (we probably missed a few names) people who came through our doors.  We kept records.  On Monday of this week, we began moving everything (except sundries and food) to our Park for storage and distribution.  You see, our Leading Knight Jack Sparks and Lecturing Knight Shirley Allen are being married today, and made arrangements months ago to use the Lodge, and we wanted to make sure they would have their wedding in a “completely put back together” Lodge Room and Dining Room.  We did it!

The cash donations began pouring in the first day.  The monies were safely held in our Discretionary Account as we became a “holding company” for the burnt out victims of this devastating fire.  It grew to proportions that I, as Chairman, KNEW we didn’t have the resources to handle.  We bought tents for victims who were sleeping on the ground at River Nook Campground.  We bought insulin for a gentleman who needed it immediately.  We purchased heart medicine for a man who had just had heart surgery and there was a snafu with his insurance company.  We put gas in cars.

The amount of money became overwhelming.  We received a check for $5,000 from Ridgecrest Lodge; a check for $1,500 from Bakersfield LodgeMojave Lodge brought donations of needed items, spent the day Volunteering – with Ted Hodgkinson in the lead – and handed us $200 in cash from their members.

The Salvation Army was giving out vouchers to victims, and were using local businesses for redemption.  A win-win situation.  In my humble opinion, it was time to shift our donations to the Salvation Army with the stipulation that it remain local as all the donors requested.  I spoke with DDGER Vicki Zellner and DL Dominic Rotell regarding this.  Although, I was told the Board of Trustees were not in charge of this money and, although one officer and one Trustee didn’t think we should “let go” of the money,  in my heart I knew we were not equipped to decide who should get it and it had become frighteningly bigger than I EVER anticipated.  I asked the Board of Trustees in an emergency session to help me decide.  The consensus was the same – give it to the LOCAL Salvation Army.  I kept a comprehensive list of Cash donations, Volunteer hours and Victims names with burnt out addresses.  I will be writing thank you notes beginning next week.

On Friday, we presented the check for $19,444.03 to Salvation Army Envoy Donna Griffin,  East Kern County Ministries Coordinator and Candace Maynard, Erskine Fire Disaster Coordinator for use in the Kern River Valley.  Because the local business know what the Elks did for the Salvation Army, they immediately increased their credit limit for vouchers, so it is already helping fire survivors.

PER Craig Sunderland donated an empty building and vacant lot in Lake Isabella to the Salvation Army rent-free for two months – at which time they will re-visit.  The NEW Salvation Army headquarters should be in place within that time frame.  There are 6 Sea Trains now in place on that property and the Kern River Valley Lodge will be moving EVERYTHING to that location starting on Monday.  We are in the process of boxing and labeling to make it happen.

The Red Cross visited our location MANY times.  They told me they have never seen a more organized and dignified method of distribution to disaster victims.  All 3 local television stations were here.

We did a good job for our community.  We are tired but rewarded with our efforts.  This was a GIGANTIC team effort by dozens of Elks and community members.

Jadeen Costa Schroeder, PER
Erskine Fire Disaster Coordinator
Kern River Valley Lodge #2358

To see a bit of what happened – here is a short 44 second video from the news

Public Safety Appreciation Night At Monterey Elks Lodge #1285

Rick Ringler, honored in 1978 as the Pacific Grove Fireman of the Year, thanked more than 100 first responders and Elks members at the annual Public Safety Appreciation Night at the Monterey Elks Lodge on Wednesday, June 7. 

“Our public safety workers put their lives on the line for us on a daily basis,” Ringler said. “Thank you.  In this very small way, we wish to show you our appreciation by hosting this night to honor you, the men and women of Monterey County who help keep us safe.  Truly, thank you for being here for our community.”

Ringler served as a volunteer fireman at Pacific Grove Fire Department from 1977 until he retired as a lieutenant in 1990.  He was an educator at Monterey Peninsula Unified School District from 1970 to 2007, and now serves as Exalted Ruler of the 800+ member Monterey Elks Lodge #1285.

The Elks’ Award medal was awarded to District Attorney Dean Flippo, and Elks’ certificates of appreciation went to each award winner.

Directors of the Monterey County Peace Officers Association (MCPOA) were sworn in and awards were presented.  Ringler welcomed guests to the event, which included a roast beef carving station prepared by the Elk’s caterer, Coastal Cuisine.  Caroll Mendoza led the Pledge of Allegiance, and invocation was given by the Elks Chaplain, Lori Taylor.  Gaspar Cardinale served as event chairman, assisted by Leslie Field.

Salinas Police Chief Adele Frese was joined by Darren Chamberlain, current MCPOA vice president, in award presentations and installation of new officers.  

MCPOA Distinguished Service Award medals were presented to Police Officers Ken Hendrickson, Zach Dunagan and Robert Durst. Civilian Awards of Merit were presented by Monterey County Sheriff-Coroner Steve Bernal to Paul Tran, member of the Sheriff’s emergency assistance team for over 22 years; Ken Pepper, a member of the Sheriff’s Aero Squadron for three years, and to Jesse Ashmore, member of the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team for more than a year.

Raffle drawings during the evening provided more than $900 to Elks’ major charity projects and to Rancho Cielo, a nonprofit, comprehensive learning and social services center for underserved and disconnected youth in Monterey County. The event closed with installation of MCPOA Board of Directors for 2017-18.

Westchester Elks Lodge #2050 Reseeds Babe Ruth Field and Sponsors a Cadet with the LAPD Cadet Program

Westchester, CA- Elks Lodge #2050 donated $2500 to the Westchester Babe Ruth League to re-seed their Ivan Miller Field.  This is the second year the Elks have completed the project which is spearheaded by members Chris Lynch (also with the Westchester Babe Ruth League) and member Larry Diver.  The team celebrated 60 years of playing on the field in 2016 and were the 2015 (13-15 year olds) World Series Babe Ruth Champions.   Funds were made possible from a Beacon Grant through the Elks National Foundation.

In other news, the Lodge donated $200 to help sponsor a youth in the Junior Cadet and/or Cadet program in the LAPD Pacific Division Cadet Program.  The Ladies of Westchester Elks also donated $200 towards the program.  LAPD Pacific Division Junior Cadets range in age from 9 -13 years old and Cadets are 14 – 21 years old.  Many come from challenging backgrounds but with the support and direction of the program, go on to college, military academies, and/or the police academy.  $400 assures one youth a full year of participation and covers costs such as uniforms, field trips, supplies and much more.

The Ladies of Westchester Elks also donated $200 to the Bob Hope USO at Los Angeles Airport which provides many services and needs to create a comfortable and welcoming “safe haven” for troops and their families traveling through LAX at no charge.  It is one of the finest centers in the worlds.

Pictured are Elks members with the Babe Ruth team and coaches and also with just Elks Members and Babe Ruth President Chris Lynch whom is also an Elks Member.

Mojave Elks Lodge 2059 And Matters of The Heart

The past weekend Mojave Elks #2059 held their annual Chili Cook-off.

By size, Mojave Lodge is considered a smaller lodge. Many of our members live in other parts of the country due to the nature of employment in the area. However, we are blessed to be surrounded with forward thinking companies such as Mojave Spaceport, Scaled Composites, Golden Queen Mining, and Edwards Air Force Base. Just down the road, we also have Pete Knights Veterans Home providing residence to some of America’s finest servants.

The Chili Cook-Off is just one of the opportunities to spread the word on the many programs supported by the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks and this weekend was no exception.

Dozens of members of the lodge, as well as friends and family, stepped up to bring this event to life and raise funds for the California-Hawaii Association Major Project.

Each year association members continue to raise millions of dollars (over $116.2 MILLION since 1950). These funds ensure that children in our area experience a renewed hope on life and all of the joys that may bring! A wonderful video highlighting this year’s Theme Child, Aya, is available here.

Regardless of the number of members in any lodge throughout the nation, the foundation of all good works is the size of its heart and Mojave is no exception!

The Chili Cook-Off involves weeks of planning and coordinating then, like any other major undertaking, the final preparation, and execution of the event.

This event is one of several taking place at the 40 Acre Trap and Skeet Range approximately 2 miles from the lodge. Since the lodge is temporarily relocated to the range for two days, several truckloads of supplies are loaded up, transported, and set up at the range. Then, depending on the weather, other arrangements are made. With a temporary stage for the Saturday night band, the winds determine whether the band will be on the stage or under a different shelter. And this year was the exception. With higher than normal winds and cooler temperatures our band Mudfish shared their music with us from under a more secure canopy.

However, the winds didn’t stop a dedicated few from bringing in additional funds when they took the plunge in the dunk tank! As a great sport, Ashley Wussick even went in a second time after the cook-off giving the general populace another opportunity to test their pitching capabilities. You can see what happened to her and others in the video below.

Immediately preceding the cook-off, the festivities began with a horseshoe throwing competition. The trick is being able to adjust for the 35-45 MPH gusts of wind. On the one hand, the wind would either impede the horseshoes progress. Depending on the direction it would carry it beyond its desired trajectory. Our Exalted Ruler, Warren Guest, got into the swing along with several other competitors. However; the trophy went to Raymond Rogers for resoundingly defeating the competition.

Again, the highlight event of the weekend was our Chili Cook-off. Our champion Jessica Smith not only won the judges over with her first-ever participation. Jessica used her grandmother’s Chili recipe and, to her delight, walked away with the Audience Choice Award.

Aside from some of our campers feeling as if they might have been trans-located to OZ, we give a grateful thank you to our event Chair Todd Smith. The weekend was a success and you are cordially invited to join us for a recap as you watch the video below produced by lodge member Paul Wagner.

Respectfully submitted,
Mojave Elks Lodge #2059


2016-2017 CHEA Lodge Website Winners

Congratulations to the 2016-17 CHEA
Best Lodge Bulletin Winner

Website Winners

DIVISION ONE (0 To 300 Members)

First Place: Westchester Lodge No. 2050 (South Central Coast District)

Second Place: Ridgecrest Lodge No. 1913 (Inland District)

Third Place: Oxnard Lodge No. 1443 (West Central Coast District)

DIVISION TWO (301 To 500 Members)

First Place: Thousand Oaks No. 2477 (West Central Coast District)

Second Place: Poway Lodge No. 2543 (South Coast District)

Third Place: Freemont Lodge No. 2121 (Bay District)

DIVISION THREE (501 To 700 Members)

First Place: Santa Clarita Lodge 2379 (Metropolitan District)

Second Place: Redondo Beach Lodge No. 1378 (South Central Coast District)

Third Place: Kailua Lodge No. 2230 (Hawaii District)

DIVISION FOUR (701 To 1100 Members)

First Place: Mission Viejo Saddleback No. 2444 (Orange Coast District)

Second Place: Hemet Lodge No. 1740 (Southeast District)

Third Place: San Pedro Lodge No. 966 (South Central District)

DIVISION FIVE (1101 To 1500 Members)

First Place: Orange No. 1475 (Orange Coast District)

Second Place: San Mateo Lode No. 1112 (Bay District)

Third Place: Garden Grove Lodge No. 1952 (Orange Coast District)

DIVISION SIX (1501 or more Members)

First Place: Santa Maria No. 1538 (West Central Coast District)

CHEA Single Best Event Brochure Winner

Division 2 – First Place: Thousand Oaks Lodge No. 2477 (West Central Coast District)

Division 4 – First Place: Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Lodge No. 2591 (Southeast District)

Division 6 – First Place: Santa Maria Lodge No. 1538 (West Central Coast District)

CHEA Community Service & Image Brochure Winner

Division 4 – First Place: Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Lodge No. 2591 (Southeast District)

Division 5 – First Place: Garden Grove Lodge No. 1952 (Orange Coast District)

Division 6 – First Place: Santa Maria Lodge No. 1538 (West Central Coast District)

Contests administered by the Public Relations Committee

California Elks Rally Benefits Major Project

Links to 49th Annual Elks Rally PDF (16M File Size)Calling ALL RV’ers!

October 5-8 will find Elks from California and points beyond gathering together together to rally and raise money for our Major Project!

As many know, the California Elks Camper Rally began in 1969 as the “Southern California Elks Camper Rally.”  Creating an atmosphere for campers and friends to gather together and enjoy food, fun, games, contests and camaraderie; with the primary objective of raising money for the California – Hawaii Elks Association Major Project, i.e. the Purple Pig they continue to fulfill their purpose!

In 1950, CHEA created an organization within it to help children with disabilities and the fundraising arm of CHEMPI is the Purple Pig. (All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!) Their mission statement says “The California-Hawaii Elks Major Project, Inc., a committee of the California-Hawaii Elks Association, pledges its commitment to addressing the unmet needs of children with disabilities throughout the states of California and Hawaii by developing a program of supporting services to aid these children at no cost to the families and without discrimination.”

With the noble goal of supporting such a worthwhile cause the growth and participation over the years saw a time that by 1998 “Southern California Elks Camper Rally” no longer reflected their objective and the group changed their name to the “California Elks Camper Rally” to better reflect the statewide participation as well as points from beyond our borders.

Last year the group California Elks Rally raised a total of $23,866 and the goal this year is to raise even more money for the kids and help them, “Reach for the Stars”. While there are currently 60 registered members the event will see between 150-200 RV’s will gather together for the excitement and “fun”raising and past entertainment provided by members as well as a highlight performance by the Hemet High School Band  can be seen in the video below. Elk members are welcome to register to be among the first to hear about events and updates as well as connect with other members.

We encourage you to come help us make 2018 the best year yet!

To register today or find out more, visit the main website here. For our Facebook friends, please like the page here

To experience  a bit of the past event enjoy the short video below. The full video is @29 minutes so to see just the segment on the Elks Rally skip forward to 21:19

Fresno Elks Lodge Uses Impact Grant for Students’ Charitable Projects

Fresno StudentsAs the school year comes to a close, so has the 2016 Fresno Elks Lodge No. 439’s “Mt. Olympus Challenge”.  Expelled students from throughout Fresno County competed with one another to convince community judges and Elk members to support a charity idea that they created to help meet a need in their home community.

Nicholas proposed the winning idea for a charity he titled “No Place To Play”. His project would repair broken playground equipment at his apartment complex.  The 1st runner up, Yenices, proposed an idea for her charity titled “We Are Not For Sale” that would help victims of human trafficking. The 2nd runner up, Fernando, proposed an idea for his charity titled “Giving a Helping Hand” to provide services to our Veterans. Finalist Ronald proposed a charity to help the homeless get off the streets titled “A Place To Call Home.”  

The students, who were expelled from their home schools, received twelve weeks of hands-on coaching and mentoring from lodge members as they created their charities, prepared PowerPoint presentations and helped plan and execute the first fundraiser for Nicholas’ project. 

The program is funded through a $10,000 Impact Grant from the Elks National Foundation.  Fresno Elks Lodge members Susan Good and Jack Geiger served as Project Managers for the grant.