Expand Your District And Lodge Visibility Using CHEA Social Media Connections

This is a reposting and UPDATE of an article that was shared in the CHEA Magazine so that your lodge can get more exposure for the good works you do each day.

With changes in Google Search Engines, Facebook Algorithms and more, it is in our best interest to stay up with the times so you will notice a significant increase in word length for your Blog posts.

Your lodge and your members do a lot to support the Elks charities as well as your community activities.

Wouldn’t it be nice if more people knew just how hard you work?

CHEA has this Blog, a Facebook Page, a YouTube Channel AND a Twitter account. It’s a high probability that your PR Chair and other members who love to share the benefits of Elkdom, are missing opportunities to get the word out!

We have a coordinator for the CHEA Social Media channels that takes in submissions for the Blog and set them to post. From there the post is shared to our FaceBook page and beyond so that your success is amplified.

Our social media inbox is empty.

It could be because this resource is another of those “best kept secrets”.

This is to help change that!

Your volunteer hours and community support are best shared in the stories that inspire and encourage others to take action, to be filled with hope and increase awareness of all that the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks does every day to make this world a better place.

The magazine is limited by the physical space – the internet is not! While we try to use articles that are submitted to the magazine they have too little written content.

Encourage your best storytellers to send pictures and stories in greater detail to cheasocialmedia@chea-elks.org and let’s make this the year that the best kept secret turned in to the most appreciated organization in your community!

Here are the guidelines:

  • 350-2500 words (think story) simply keep it interesting
  • Pictures – include a minimum of 1. However 2 – 5 would be better. If you can, include at least one picture for every 200 words
  • Do NOT send high resolution images as they are slow to load on the web – aka think SMALLER file size – good ones from your smart phone work as you can choose the file size
  • If you have it – include the embed code for a good YouTube video of the event 
  • Include any outbound links as reference (aka groups like BSA or VETS that were part of the event)
  • If you understand Categories and Tags, feel free to notate those for inclusion, if not we will take care of that
  • If you have other questions just let us know by email at cheasocialmedia@chea-elks.org

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